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村松さんの後姿を見ながら、屋久島の山や海を心から愛されてるいる方なのだと、屋久島の魅力が倍になって伝わってくる様な、そんな思いを抱きながら苔や、木々や雨の後の光り輝く雫を心ゆくまで楽しませていただきました。 信子

We had a fantastic day hike with Muramatsu-san!

He was everything you’d wish for from a guide and more!

He sent us some recommendations for Yakushima prior to our arrival, which was very useful!

On the day of our hike, he shared his excellent knowledge of the island’s history and environment as well as his passion for nature and love for Yakushima.

He’d planned out the day perfectly and we felt very cared for throughout our time together.

It was a beautiful hike, very pleasant company and I would highly recommend Muramatsu-san as a guide if you’re visiting Yakushima.

Thank you again for a wonderful day. Yuko


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