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屋久島 貸切ガイド  村松
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Yakushima Private Guide Muramatsu

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屋久島 貸切ガイド  村松

Yakushima Private Guide Muramatsu

・A personal guide in Yakushima who offers private tours.

・Private guide for day trek, overnight, Traverse, and hiking in all seasons. 

・I suggest the most suitable tour according to your travel schedule. ​

・I support you to make your ideal trekking by phone or E-mail in advance. ​

・You can rent climbing equipment.

・I also do Graduation trip , Honeymoon, Shooting coordination.

・I will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation.


Moved to Yakushima with my family in 2019.

As an exclusive guide for Yakushima guided tour,

I gained a lot of experience.

2021 Achievements  144 groups

2022 Achievements  141 groups

2023 Achievements  169 groups

I will support you to have a safe and enjoy trekking.

​Anytime feel free to ​​Please contact me.

Yakushima Town Tourism Association Guide Subcommittee Member

​Yakushima Mountain Guide Federation Member

Japan Mountain Guide Association Climbing Guide Stage I

Japanese Red Cross Society Basic Life Supporter​​​

屋久島 貸切ガイド  村松

Guest's voice

YouTuber     Dr Nozman

He explains the Jomon Sugi trekking Course in a fun and
easy to understand

It can also be used for image training up to Jomon Cedar.

​Check it.

Reservation/inquiry form

If you have Whats App I`ll send you our QR. 

Contact: +81-90-3938-3070

After receiving your inquiry, we will contact you regarding availability.
I ‘m often in the mountains and will  respond you after the evening in Japan.

​We will listen to your wishes and concerns and provide you with a better local tour.We can make suggestions. Please contact us with your wishes.

It is easiest to call after 17:00 in Japan time.

You sent a message to Muramatsu. Please wait for a reply.

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